Kate Revitte Consulting

Strategic Transformational Design

I help teams improve digital products, support processes, and technical operations through:

  • User Experience
  • Product Management
  • QA & Testing Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Instructional Design

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I help companies scale their tech capacity as they win more business.

I research and implement processes and testing improvements that drive value for teams.

I use test-driven development and lean agile principles to improve your bottom line.

My Approach

UX & Product Coaching

  • Give your team the tools to develop usable products, by coaching them on user centered design and agile development.
  • Generate ideas and requirements, plan products, and ensure success and followthrough.
  • Educate and train permanent staff on UX principles and best practices.

Change Management

  • Create and improve processes, increasing your team's capacity and happiness.
  • Empathetic and intuitive team building that reaches across aisles and encourages feelings of ownership.
  • Support for onboarding process to ease strain on tech support and operations staff.

Instructional Design

  • Enable subject matter experts to offload their expertise, so that the most successful team members share their knowledge without reducing their capacity.
  • Design training tools and documentation such as online courses, ebooks, and knowledge bases.
  • Organize internal and external content into useful instructional material.

QA & Testing Strategy

  • QA processes that support your goals using minimal resources.
  • Help your team develop the processes to notice and fix problems before your clients see them.
  • Automated test planning and implementation which helps your team catch and fix bugs long before the release.

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