Kate Revitte

Strategy, Design and Development

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my work. I have been creating web experiences for 20 years, and have learned first hand the lessons of maintainability and scalability of web technologies. It is my hope that I can share some of my experience with you, and by working together, to help your team and your vision grow and blossom. I especially like to work with small businesses with big aspirations.

Here's how I can help your team improve your digital products, support processes, and technical operations.

  • Conducting research, collecting information, and preparing recommendations.
  • Evaluating systems and workflows, creating and running tests, conforming to quality assurance standards, and analyzing data, user needs, and costs.
  • Strategic planning including improving and implementing processes, establishing priorities, developing solutions to complex problems, and defining requirements and goals.
  • Developing standards, automating systems and processes.
  • Creating, analyzing, and designing systems and procedures.
  • Monitoring systems, problem solving, troubleshooting, and providing technical support.
  • Training and instructing, creating instructional materials, documentation, and communications.

I help companies scale their tech capacity as they win more business.

I research and implement the processes, tools, and testing improvements that drive value for teams.

I use data and engineering principles to improve your bottom line.

Sample Work

Travel Deutschland

I created and styled an example travel site from a well known modern responsive format. The user experience is from a template, but I hand coded the CSS to show how I execute a powerful marketing tool.

Dream Machine

A dream machine is a substropic flicker device that produces visual stimuli. Flickering at around 8Hz, accompanied by white noise, can produce some interesting effects. I designed and created this standalone application to investigate these effects. Warning: do not use if epileptic.

Compliment Keeper

A demonstration of a simple Mongo DB implementation using Glitch to pull it all together. The compliment keeper will save the data entered in the text box across users, as a collaborative record.

Additional Examples

Check out a few more mini-projects and tools I've developed as code-katas, practices to learn new skills or proof-of-concept ideas. These afternoon projects are simple, but maybe they'll give you some ideas.